The Music

The music in Damage is really important.  Playlists can always add another dimension to a story but this is more than that.  The playlist here is Aiden’s narrative.  This is how you find out what he’s been thinking and feeling the whole time.  He gives it to Cerys in the penultimate chapter, but you can have it here.  I put this up as a blog post orignially but I didn’t want it to fall off the bottom so I’ve given the music it’s own page here.

When you can’t find the words to say to tell someone how you really feel, music and musicians will alwys do it for you, and none better than these…

Broken – Lifehouse

This song sums up the theme of the whole book. If you like this tune you’ll like the book

If Today Was Your Last Day  – Nickleback

This is the song that’s playing when Cerys walks into the house and meets Aiden and the others.  It’s significant because she nearly died earlier in the day.  But why is it on Aiden’s playlist too?

Slipped Away – Avril Lavigne

Why would anyone put this on the juke box in the pub?  And why would it upset Aiden so much and make Drew so furiously angry?   Cerys has no clue, that’s for sure.

Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon

The band play this at the beach party.  It’s the night when Cerys realises she feels something for Aiden.  But is he feeling it too?

Six Degrees of Separation – The Script

Cerys plays this one later in the book when she realises that she ‘may have f****d up a little’!  But it comes back in again later in a really good way.

Come Fly With Me – Robbie Williams

This might seem like a strange choice, but in Damage it’s has sinister undertones.  Who wants to take Cerys flying and why?  If you look at Robbie’s eyes in this clip they look a bit psychotic, and that’s the clue.

Long Train Running  – The Doobie Brothers

This is the tune that the band open their gig with.  It’s a classic, but the hook line is important too, given what’s just happened in the story before that point.

In these Arms – Bon Jovi

I’m not giving any spoilers about where this comes in.  It’s unashamedly romantic, but there’s definitely a time and a place for it in Damage.

Spirit Carrries On – Dreamtheatre

This is probably the most important song in the book.  It’s the one that Aiden has been up all night listening to in the chapter ‘Sunday 28th July’ It has huge significance for him.  But it’s also the backdrop to the final cliff-top scene and would be the perfect soundtrack to Damage the movie!

I’m Yours – The Script

There’s a scene in the book which is probably the one that the whole story has been building up to.  This track couldn’t be any more perfect.


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