About The Book

Damage is a Young Adult Romantic Thriller set in the real world.  There are no werewolves, angels or any type of the various undead. I think it’s harder to write a good dramatic plot when there’s no risk of being torn apart by vampires or dragged through the nine gates of hell by a necromancer.  But the thing I love to write about most is getting right inside someone else’s head and understanding how it honestly feels to be that person in that place at that time.  Maybe it’s because I did drama at Uni.  It’s all Stanislavsky or something similar, but that’s what I love to do.  And the thing I love to do even more than that is to create characters who are hiding their real feelings, for whatever reason and then put them together to see what might happen.

Here’s the blurb for Damage.

Can you save someone else if you can’t even save yourself?

When Cerys met Aiden it should have been the start of something big, but he’s not acting normally and neither is she. She’s holding back and he’s pretending to be someone he’s not.  But when the tragic and violent events of their past unexpectedly catch up with them, and history seems about to repeat itself, can they help each other to change the outcome this time around?  A story of love, loss and survival set in Scotland.

To fill you in on the first few chapers, the main character Cerys agrees to go with her parents on a sailing holiday to Scotland, not because she wants to go, but because she’s too scared to stay home alone.  She’s not saying why though.  She’s drawn a line under that particular episode and she’s only looking forward.  She almost drowns in a freak accident on the loch in chapter one and then, after being rescued, she meets Aiden, who works there.

That’s where you might expect the romance to start, but in this case it doesn’t.  I wanted to see what would happen if you put two people together who couldn’t behave like normal people because of things that had happened to them in the past.  Then add to that the fact that neither one wants to admit that there is anything  wrong and suddenly you have a lot of potential for secrets, lies, cover-ups, misunderstandings and the complete inability to see a chance for happiness right in front of you.

There are four major themes in Damage:

Life and Death

Secrets and Lies

History Repeating Itself

Using music to say how you feel when you don’t have any words

Please check the blog page for more info about the book, especially the musical element.  If you’re reading this because I’ve sent you a copy then thanks for visiting.  You can contact me through this site and if you want to take a minute to complete the survey on the blog, I’d really appreciate it.

Kate x


4 thoughts on “About The Book

  1. Fay Sampson

    I’ve read the whole book and I thought it was fantastic. I only wish I’d written it myself. It captures perfectly the fraught relationship of a teenage boy and girl, both with things in their past they don’t want to reveal. And it gets a lot more dangerous than that. I’ve read a lot of unpublished first novels, and this is definitely in the top class.

  2. Mike Treacy

    Excellent Kate. It pulls you along at a good pace and that injection of mystery in the pub really made me want to go on and find out what was behind the looks/music track.


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