How to take over the world!


Hey Brain, What do you want to do tonight?

Same thing we do every night Pinkey..try to take over the world!

Sorry,  I think I may be a bit sleep deprived.  I was up till 1am last night trying to get my head around the difference between a @ and # on Twitter.  And why was I doing this?  Because it’s a beautiful thing that lets you get you in touch with lots of helpful, wonderful people – and I’m particularly  interested in meeting all the helpful, wonderful people who might like to read Damage.  So here’s a big shout out to Oban High School, The Script Family, Sarah Alderson, Amanda Preston and Jennifer di Giovanni!  I’m loving your enthusiasm xx  Also to the SwoonReads team for retweeting my tweets to 980 other people!

So, why the sudden passion for social media? Well if you write a book you need to promote it.  That’s another thing I love about Swoon Reads.  This whole crowd-sourcing idea prepares you for the sharp-end of actual book selling.  Getting votes is a bit like getting sales I guess.  I’m not saying I love promoting myself.  I’d rather stick needles in my eyes! But I could never in a million years tweet complete strangers and ask them to read my book unless I really, truly believed it was worth their precious time.

Meanwhile my job-share partner and secret weapon Vanessa is on the case. (Hi, V I know you’re reading this!)  She has this awesome talent for managing big-scale author events so we’re good to go any time Swoon reads would like to publish Damage.  She can fill the 400 seat theatre with kids from all the local secondary schools.  She can arrange book sales on an industrial scale.  We can do all that stuff.  We do it for living.  We’ve watched enough author event to know what goes down well.  But first I have to master the ancient art of the Tweet.  Wish me luck xx









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