The Book Cover

Now book covers can be a tricky thing to get right and sometimes you need help.  To put Damage up on SwoonReads it needed a catchy cover.  But what image should I go for?  I bought a few from Shutterstock to play around with.  Here they are.


I wanted the water on the bottom half of the cover with the title in the middle and a character image above it.

Sexy Guitar Player

Leather Jacket, guitar, good so far. Just add the face of your dream guy!

Cerys in fight-back mode

Cerys in fight-back mode

He's behind you!

He’s behind you!

I took all those images to my fabulous book group at Holy Cross school and they gave me some great feedback (thanks girls!).  First of all they didn’t like the water image because it wasn’t clear whether it was lake, a swimming pool or the sea.  They wanted the water in context.  Good point.

They also definitely and unanimously did not want the hot guy on the cover (who knew?!) They also thought the first image of Cerys looked too old, but loved the second one because it looked scary and moody and because her face was half-hidden so she could look a bit like they each imagined her to look.

So I gave all that info to my hugely talented son Lester and this is what he came up with. I think they’re both brilliant.

DAMAGE BOOK COVERDamage alternative cover

They were both so great it was hard to choose.  But in the end we went with the first one because the second one looked a bit like a ghost story.

So if you log-on to SwoonReads look for the cover on the left.


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