Swoon Reads – now you can read the whole book completely free!


The really good news this week is that you can now  read the whole of Damage online and completely free of charge, if you’d like to. That’s because of a great new website for Teen Romance fans called Swoon Reads.

The idea is that you read books and rate them, and the ones with the best ratings might, just might, be considered for publication by MacMillan (fanfare, ticker-tape etc..)  So you could really help me out a lot here by giving it a ‘Swoon Rating’.  It’s all anonymous, unless you choose to leave a comment, so you can give it an honest rating and then I can finally see if Damage is a Swoonworthy story or not, because, after all, it’s your opinion that counts.

So please read it and please, please vote for it!

Check out the website here www.swoonreads.com

SwoonReads Logo


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