Damage – The Settings

Damage is loosely-based on a real place called Ballachulish bay on the west coast of Scotland.  This is because parts of Damage are based on a true story, and this is where it happened.  However, I didn’t want to make it exactly the same, so there are lots of differences in the book too.

The really weird thing was that I wanted part of the story to take place in the mountains above the loch, but there needed to be a cliff or a quarry.  I imagined how it would look in my head, with no reference to any real places.  Then after I’d written the book I looked on-line and eventually found a picture  that looked a bit like the cliff edge I’d imagined.  It turned out to be a place called Ballachulish quarry.  I genuinely had no idea it existed.  It was just really spooky co-incidence!


Ballachulish loch with the bridge and the bay in the distance

B. bridge

The bridge


This is the bay where Cerys nearly drowns in chapter one

cliff edge 1

The cliff edge?

cliff top 2

This is a picture of Alderley Edge in Cheshire, but it looks quite like the cliff top in the book

forest road 1

This is where Cerys stumbles down the slope in the twilight looking for Paulo and Aiden.

forest road 2

Biking road through the forest

house 1

In the story, the house looks a bit like this, but it needs to have a driveway in front and stairs up to the front door.


The real Ballchulish Quarry.  Who knew??


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