Hi again,

I wasn’t sure whether to post too many images up here because when you read a book it’s more fun to use your own imagination to decide about the way things look.  That’s especially true of characters because one person’s idea of a perfect Aiden or Cerys, may be absolutely horrifying to someone else!  That’s why I originally didn’t put a clear description of either of them in the book.  But I had some feedback about that and several people wanted a clearer picture of them so I added some in.

Some of my book-groupers have been asking me what I think Aiden looks like, and suggested he might be a bit like Alex Pettyfer.  I guess he could do a little bit, but his eyes are all wrong, and eyes are important.  The truth is I have one little image that I cut out of a catalogue a couple of years ago.  He was a great-looking guy but he had really deep, sad eyes and that’s what made him perfect.  But I can’t find his face anywhere on the internet.  So I’ve been having a look online and came up with this guy instead.  He’s a male actor/songwriter called Caleb Lane and he has the same deep, sad eyes. his hair is possibly a bit too long, but apart from that he’s a pretty good fit.  However, You may totally disgree, and if you do, that’s fine.

Caleb Lane

Caleb Lane

Caleb Lane - with a haircut!

Caleb Lane – with a haircut!

Alex Pettyfer -nice face, wrong eyes!

Alex Pettyfer -nice face, wrong eyes!

If you have any other suggestions for other Aiden look-alikes, please post a reply and let me know.


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