One of the main characters in Damage is Aiden’s best friend Drew (it’s short for Andrew if you’re Scottish). I thought it might be fun to make him the really drop-dead georgous one instead of Aiden, although Aiden is really attractive in his own way.

Anyway, I was trawling the internet one night (as you do) and found the perfect Drew.  If Damage is ever made into a film this guy is Drew.  No question.  Even if he can’t act.  He can just stand there and look good!

His name is Vinnie Woolston and he’s a New Zealand model. What do you think?


Here’s an extract where Cerys meets him for the first time:

They were so deep in an animated conversation that they nearly collided with me as I tripped over my wet trouser leg trying to side-step them.

“Woah! Sorry.” One them laughed and put out a hand to stop himself from walking into me.  I flinched instinctively.

He was so tall that I had to glance up to catch his face. The only thing I really took in was a black biker jacket, collar-length dark hair, even darker eyes and fantastic cheekbones. I know that’s a really strange thing to notice about someone, but it certainly defined his face. He was what you’d call classically poster-boy handsome. I immediately dropped my eyes back to the floor. I couldn’t deal wtih this right now.


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