What’s this all about, then?

Well this is a first.  I’m such a newbie.  But give it a couple of days and I’ll be all over it,  honestly.  Don’t go away! Please, stick around, if only to laugh at my very public attempts to get tech savvy.

But why?  Well….its all to promote a new teen fiction manuscript.  It’s not published yet, but I’m really working hard on that at the moment, and if you’ve had one of the review copies, or would be interested in following this, then thanks a lot for your support and please leave me feedback.  It means a lot.

The book is a teen fiction called ‘Damage’ and features two characters called Cerys and Aiden.  Cerys has had some bad stuff happen to her in the recent past but she’s not going to let it affect her life for ever.  She wants to draw a line under it and move on. You see, damage on the inside can’t be seen.  There are no visible scars, so no-one is going to know unless she tells them.  And that’s never going to happen.

Then there’s Aiden.  He works on a fishing trawler, rides a motorbike, plays in a band, and all of that when he’s not studying at uni’.  BUT…he’s faking it just like Cerys.  He has things in his past that he just can’t forgive or forget.  Tragedy, regrets and guilt.  Unlike Cerys he can’t even think about moving on from it. But he’s faking a happy face on the surface just like she is.

So what on earth would happen if you put these two characters together?! Misunderstandings?  Flare-up’s?  Secrets? Lies?  The total inability to see a chance for happiness right in front of you?  All of that and loads more.

But most importantly Damage is threaded through with music.  When you just can’t find the words to say to tell someone how you feel, music and musicians will always do it for you.  This book makes reference to songs by Nickleback, The Script, Dreamtheatre and lots of others.  But they all have significance and they all add something to the story.

I’m going to put a few extracts from the book on here, without giving away any spoilers and hopefully sometime soon you can have the whole story.  But in the meantime I’d love some feedback too.  Good, bad or ugly.  It can all help.

Kate xx


6 thoughts on “What’s this all about, then?

  1. Joyce Perry

    Strong atmosphere of tension and suspense. I’m afraid the music element is beyond me but then it is not meant for my age group. Would like to have read the opening chapter(s) to see how this feeling of things not being what they first appear had developed. Well done.

  2. Kate Winter

    I really liked the music element of the book. I think you’ve done a great job of describing the characters and scenes; I could picture everything right from the first page. The finale is very dramatic and I was skipping through this part of the book. A fantastic achievement Kate, clearly you have a talent – let’s see more!

  3. squigglyballpoint Post author

    Hi Maggie,

    Thanks so much for that. I thought it was about time I had a go, since I now seem to be the only member of my family who hasn’t had a book published! I’m really glad Matthew thought it was inrtiguing too That’s exactly the word I was hoping for. It’s kind of like ‘confusing’ but more positive!


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