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The Songs

The songs in Damage are really important.  They crop up throughout the book in various ways; on a CD player, a juke box in the pub or played by Aiden’s band.  But they are all significant.  The story is all told through Cerys’s voice, so you know what she’s feeling, but the songs are a clue to what Aiden is thinking and feeling at different points as well.  They are his narrative really.

Anyway, adding them here seemed like a good way of making them accessible to any of you who are reading the book.  If you haven’t read the book, the songs give you a clearer idea of the tone, espcially the first one.

Broken – Lifehouse

This sets the tone for the whole book.  If you like this track you’ll probably like Damage.

If Today Was Your Last Day  – Nickleback

Cerys hears this when she first meets Aiden properly.  It has significance because she nearly died that afternoon.  It means something to Aiden too but you don’t know why at that point.

Slipped Away – Avril Lavigne

This is the song that the two girls put on in the pub to deliberately upset Aiden.  Drew is furious with them for doing this, but you only find out it’s true significance right at the end of the story.

Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon

Aiden, Drew and Bam play this at the beach party.  It’s the night when Cerys realises she feels something for Aiden.  But does he feel it too?

Six Degrees of Separation – The Script

Cerys plays this song to calm herself down after she “may have f***** up a little!” This song comes back in later on in a really good way.

Come Fly with Me – Frank Sinatra / Robbie Williams

Check Robbie’s psychotic eyes in this video clip.  It’s just the way I imagine Paulo would look.

Long Train Running  – The Doobie Brothers

This is the one that the band open their gig with.  It never gets old!

In These Arms – Bon Jovi

This one is unashamedly romantic, but there is definitely a time and a place for it in Damage.

Spirit Carries On – DreamTheatre

This is the song Aiden has been up all night listening to in the chapter “Sunday 28th July”.  It has huge significance for him.  But it’s also the perfect backdrop to the final cliff-top scene and would make a great soundtrack for ‘Damage’ the film!

Wounded  – Third Eye Blind

Watch out for the ‘nervous flicks on the lighter’.

I’m Yours  –  The Script

I LOVE this track and it’s perfect or one particular scene.  SO perfect! 🙂



If you’ve had one of the Review copies of Damage I’d really love you’re honest feedback here.  If you click on the link below it will take you to the survey (hopefully!)  It’s anonymous so you can be as honest as you like!  Thanks so much for taking the time to read it.  xx

One of the main characters in Damage is Aiden’s best friend Drew (it’s short for Andrew if you’re Scottish). I thought it might be fun to make him the really drop-dead georgous one instead of Aiden, although Aiden is really attractive in his own way.

Anyway, I was trawling the internet one night (as you do) and found the perfect Drew.  If Damage is ever made into a film this guy is Drew.  No question.  Even if he can’t act.  He can just stand there and look good!

His name is Vinnie Woolston and he’s a New Zealand model. What do you think?


Here’s an extract where Cerys meets him for the first time:

They were so deep in an animated conversation that they nearly collided with me as I tripped over my wet trouser leg trying to side-step them.

“Woah! Sorry.” One them laughed and put out a hand to stop himself from walking into me.  I flinched instinctively.

He was so tall that I had to glance up to catch his face. The only thing I really took in was a black biker jacket, collar-length dark hair, even darker eyes and fantastic cheekbones. I know that’s a really strange thing to notice about someone, but it certainly defined his face. He was what you’d call classically poster-boy handsome. I immediately dropped my eyes back to the floor. I couldn’t deal wtih this right now.


This picture is perfect for the big motorbike chase through the mountains near the end of the book (oops, spoiler!)  I think it might make a good book cover too.  I bought a license to use this image from Dreamstime.

What’s this all about, then?

Well this is a first.  I’m such a newbie.  But give it a couple of days and I’ll be all over it,  honestly.  Don’t go away! Please, stick around, if only to laugh at my very public attempts to get tech savvy.

But why?  Well….its all to promote a new teen fiction manuscript.  It’s not published yet, but I’m really working hard on that at the moment, and if you’ve had one of the review copies, or would be interested in following this, then thanks a lot for your support and please leave me feedback.  It means a lot.

The book is a teen fiction called ‘Damage’ and features two characters called Cerys and Aiden.  Cerys has had some bad stuff happen to her in the recent past but she’s not going to let it affect her life for ever.  She wants to draw a line under it and move on. You see, damage on the inside can’t be seen.  There are no visible scars, so no-one is going to know unless she tells them.  And that’s never going to happen.

Then there’s Aiden.  He works on a fishing trawler, rides a motorbike, plays in a band, and all of that when he’s not studying at uni’.  BUT…he’s faking it just like Cerys.  He has things in his past that he just can’t forgive or forget.  Tragedy, regrets and guilt.  Unlike Cerys he can’t even think about moving on from it. But he’s faking a happy face on the surface just like she is.

So what on earth would happen if you put these two characters together?! Misunderstandings?  Flare-up’s?  Secrets? Lies?  The total inability to see a chance for happiness right in front of you?  All of that and loads more.

But most importantly Damage is threaded through with music.  When you just can’t find the words to say to tell someone how you feel, music and musicians will always do it for you.  This book makes reference to songs by Nickleback, The Script, Dreamtheatre and lots of others.  But they all have significance and they all add something to the story.

I’m going to put a few extracts from the book on here, without giving away any spoilers and hopefully sometime soon you can have the whole story.  But in the meantime I’d love some feedback too.  Good, bad or ugly.  It can all help.

Kate xx